Analytic Says- Blackberry Has Lowest Total Cost Ownership

BlackberryThe Strategy Analytic recently which create headlines along with the news of one billion smartphones uses globally. Now there is one more report came out by RIM where they get the data after a complete year study that Blackberry Enterprise Solution not only render the most protected mobile platform as well the lowest cost of possession for mobile deployments.

Simply this report highlighted that the cost of setting up as well managing widgets by using Walled Garden design that simply more costly than Blackberry Enterprise server.

When we all looking to explore cost efficient, long term enterprise mobility strategy they caution all organizations. Overall it shows that companies creating use of non BB handsets that all are managed by using MDM solution.

Security of this solution was out on a test where using a set of eleven key threats as frame work after that the result is here that it showing very less threat among all.

As we already upper mention this study is completely based to show the cost of setting as well how they manage their handsets. The Strategy Analytic also assembled the security of Blackberry 7, Apple iOS, Symbian S60 and Window Phone 7 too and BB came out more secured as compare to others.

This research study also added underlines that at a time when all types of associations are looking to drive efficiencies; as well the Blackberry Solutions still the most cost efficient enterprise mobility option.

At the end let’s take a look towards the Research in motion that a global leader in wireless innovation that revolutionized the smartphone industry. Today you found millions of consumers using the high tech services on these brand gizmos.

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