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IPhone 5 Rivals, Galaxy S3 & Note 2 Exceeds Post Record Sales

S3, Note2 & iPhoneIt has been read that even the introduction of iPhone 5 and iPad mini could not stop the sales of Android classic handsets. Though it is surprising from Apple’s point of view, but Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are still well known in the market for having highest sales record. These two devices have also enhanced the market share of android in the global arena leaving behind the biggest rival iOS and other operating systems in its own game.

According to the latest news, it has been sourced that Samsung Galaxy SIII has sold 30 millions of its unit in the crowded market of mobile territory. The record is gained within just 5 month from the date of announcement. It has also received the reward of best selling model in the world at T3 Gadget Awards.

The next report is the 3 million sales of high-end Galaxy Note 2 units, which is also received just within a month. This fast moving sales record of the phablet has been calculated to receive three times more than the original Galaxy Note. The statistic and the graph of the sales unit confirmed that, people also prefer large screen devices like 5.5 inches alike the said model.

According to the research, it has also been sourced that Samsung has continued to run on the market share by growing atleast up to 15 %. In addition, it has also been calculated that Samsung’s share has grown 56.3% leaving behind Apple, which has scored just 26.9%.

The growth has been recorded due to the refreshed android portfolio, which has added in the Samsung’s product. Galaxy S3 has captured the mobile territory by presenting itself with many sticking features that would take the users expectation to the next level.

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