Round Up Review Of Smartphone Industry In 2012

Roundup ReviewSmartphone industry has faced many major revolutions in its market with the evolution of 4G network facility and several exceptional handsets running of different mobile platforms. These advancements in the current mobile industry have been introduced to satisfy the ever-growing demands and requirements of the techno freaks. Some of these were launched in the first quarter of the year while others are released in the second quarter of the year but all these introductions prove very beneficial for the smart phone developers as well as the users.

Briefing the details of all the developments of the past 12 months will certainly cause many perplexities. Hence, we are presenting the round up the improvements in two quarter of the 2012 respectively.

Read on the summary of the numerous achievements established in the global mobile market in the year 2012:

Review of Q1 2012

Many exciting additions were done in the first quarter of 2012. All the leading mobile manufacturing brands have tried their best to introduced excellent handsets for the techno lovers.

Android finished the quarter as the overall leader among the mobile operating systems, totaling for more than half of all smart phone deliveries. Samsung was the major provider to Android’s achievement, owing to its best-selling Android flagship Galaxy SIII.

iOS recorded strong year-over-year expansion with continued fame for the iPhone 4S subsequent to the holiday quarter and the addition of frequent mobile operators tendering the iPhone for the first time.

BlackBerry continued on the descending trajectory since demand for older RIM devices like BlackBerry Curve 9360 diminished significantly and the market awaits the official release of BB 10 smartphones later this year.

Windows Phone OS has yet to make important inroads in the universal smart phone market, but the follow-up of its Lumia 800 by Lumia 710 added a boost to its market share.

Review of Q2 2012

Second quarter of 2012 was a period of wonder in the smart phone market owing to the striking enhancements engrossed in the leading mobile platforms.

Android continues to surprise the customers with its launch of hottest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update on many exciting handsets like Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X + and many more.

iOS also have released the newest iOS 6 version of mobile platform in its freshly launched sixth generation iPhone 5 but this version has to face with several criticisms related with its own Maps app. This app was convoyed with many hitches including wrong indication of directions, places and locations due to which manly users have lost.

BlackBerry though has not released any new update in this quarter. However, the rumored launch date of BB 10 has brought many attentions towards this phone maker.

The recently introduced Windows Phone 8 Operating system acclaimed renowned fame before its arrival in the mobile arena. Further, the launch of the famous Windows Phone 8 operated Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 brings huge success for the Finnish Firm.

The progression in the gadget world has proved the ability of the prominent smart phone makers to create unique handsets that are destined to deliver wonderful user experience. Let us see what will be the next introductions in the New year.

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