Users Want Netflix Screencaps App For Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10Today’s the market is filled with the Research In Motions new creation updates and recently some images posted on several websites shows Blackberry 10 is coated with Netflix spec and screencaps coated on the upcoming handsets.

If you move towards the company forum most of the peoples asked this update is true or fake. On that Blackberry do not give any confirmation. Users have to wait for know about netflix is indeed up on running latest operating system Blackberry 10 widgets.

All these forthcoming crafts take few screencaps as well various crafty camera that shown in the picture. By seeing this you may say possibly it’s not come as fake news.

Without any doubt the BB users desire to grab Netflix on the new operating system devices along with the Skype and instagram features that allow you to make video calling to all your loved ones.

Though it appears nothing really keeping this feature from working on the technical side and it’s a business aspects that sorted by Research In motion. Apart from this there is also plenty of apps you may see behind the actions that goes into the getting in to the big apps name.

If you may say hey put any application on our platform then you had see every advance applications on that same platform. Now we all wait to getting the confirmed information about this spec that makes your work too much interesting in all aspects.

Now we have only few more week s to go until the grand official revealing of new masterpieces with fresh software at the end of January month. Along with it we all expect this big name app is also officially came by RIM on same event.

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