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Three Pushing Out Android 4.1.2 For Galaxy S3 UK

Samsung Galaxy S3The 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware for Galaxy S3 on Three has been started rolling out in UK. So, leaving its Ice Cream Sandwich behind the latest flagship of Samsung will give the taste of 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

The newest flavour of Android brought a couple of improvement on already terrific device; it is also called Premium Suit update. The network has also confirmed the said operating system upgrade on the fastest selling smartphone via its twitter blog.

Samsung has recently posted a couple of videos, which explains as to what premium Suit update is all about in a simple and creative way.

The new software brings improved TouchWiz user interface that will offer its users with even smooth and fluid interaction. This also adds some new features to the model that we previously saw in its bigger sibling Galaxy Note2.

The new features include new photo Gallery App, Multi-Window feature that enables the users to divide the screen in two parts and use each portion as an individual window, Smart rotation that rotates the screen according to the angle it is being looked at, Page Buddy pops-up dedicated home screens for various enhancements when one is connected to the device, paper artist, group cast and others.

Users of other networks have already received the aforementioned firmware; Orange is rolling out this update for Galaxy S3 since Friday. If you are a subscriber of Three network you might get this update anytime now.

This software is available via Kies and it is being pushing out OTA as well.

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