BlackBerry 10 To Offer Exciting Apps

Blackberry 10BlackBerry 10 is all set for the January 30th launch, with amazing security features and advanced BBM service this OS is expected to be a bang on success.

In two events held by BlackBerry in previous weekend, the BB app store saw submission of over 15ooo applications in just two days. Alec Sander, Vice president of developer relations said that the two events were named Portathons, which were organized to urge to BlackBerry and Android App developers to port their previously written programmes to the latest platform developed by RIM.

To attract more developers to participate in the event RIM offers them $100 for each approved app. BB10 Dev Alpha devices and more cash prices are in offer to those who get their several apps approved.

Three of the expected apps to be ported in BB10 devices are:

YouTube: It is one of the most exciting apps that the BB users would love apart from the messenger service. It offers easy and fast access to web videos, plus one can easily upload their videos to this site. Many are expecting that there won’t be a YouTube app in particular and the site will run in the browser. But let’s keep our hopes high!

PolarBear: This application helps the user to manage between various social networking accounts. With support for various sites including Facebook, Twitter and others PolarBear looks extremely promising. Let us see if it makes its presence here or not.

FaceFlow: It offers free video calling for mobile and desktop browsers. It connects your friends and dear ones instantly for video chat, the full screen mode lets you converse them as if you are talking face to face, offers instant messages and also enables video conferencing. It can work as a compliment to BBM. The massaging service has done wonders in previous BB devices including the amazing Bold 9780 handset.

With BB10’s launch date just a couple of weeks away, we must hope for a shining future for RIM’s upcoming platform.

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