3D Printer Kit For Lumia 820 By Nokia

Nokia Lumia 820In a first time for smartphone world Nokia has taken truly attractive footstep of launching a 3D printing development Kit for its beautiful creation that named Lumia 820.

As you all know the gorgeous Lumia 820 Window phone was land in market last year and it comes with colorful removable shells that users may comfortably change according to their style and mood.

Along with it there is one more member stand in same queue which branded Lumia 920 that offers you same. These WP8 operating system furnished handsets back shells also have the ability to offer the chance to do wireless charging.

But according to this fresh update the firm is released 3D template cases that can be ready by several currently available three dimensional printing systems.

Nokia Chief Stephen Elop just said two words on it “Very Cool”. This kit is included with all the important instructions and information’s that a handset required most.

The shells are referred should snap on to the dazzling handset of this series and now we all wait for the day when the other brand smartphones come with this 3D technique.

If you really have the desire to experience this kit then simply users are able to get it via on Nokia Developer website.

Through this the proper printer, amateur as well as commercial 3D case creators may offers you just a great protector to this pocket friendly droid along with the tough rear and soft touch interior too. Apart from these users may also grab the really softy back along with hard shell edges.

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