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  • Customers Blamed Google Fneor Supply & Demand Scenario of Nexus 4

Customers Blamed Google Fneor Supply & Demand Scenario of Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4Google’s amalgamation with LG has brought officially an impressive device of the time that is Nexus 4. It is blessed with all the promising upgrades, outstanding specifications and all round perfection. The device is widely preferred by the customers that are based across the world and it is the reason why everytime the stock of the said model gets over.

The patrons are eagerly waiting for their chance to purchase the mobile phone. They explained themselves to be lucky one for purchasing the same. Nexus 4 is calculated to have two models one is of 8GB and other is 16GB respectively. It is said that the customers were very excited to have the smartphone in low prices, which is covered with many attractive features like Galaxy S3 and Note II.

The unfair ratio between the demand and supply of Nexus 4 has dragged Google in the midst. After the disclosing of the data from the manufacturing point that is LG, people have blamed Google for the inconvenience. It is reported that many retailers did not have the said widget with them even after the stock was said to be filled up.

Both Google and LG have pointed each other for the inconvenience, where the one says that there is not enough supply and another speaks about the limited demand. Not only this, the same case has been read about the Samsung manufactured Nexus 10 android device, which was reported to be out of stock. It is a shameful notices that the customers have gone through such a position, where there was the scarcity of the device in the market.

It is the matter where not only the Google, LG but also ASUS Google Nexus 7 should also come up with sufficient stocks of units to fulfil the demand graph of the customers.

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