Nokia To Launch its Music + Subscription in UK

Nokia Lumia users are already enjoying the benefit of free music on their handset through the exclusive Mix Radio service. Now, they can also enjoy the benefit of paid subscription offering now available in the UK which adds new features called Nokia Music+ to your handset.

Nokia Music +This service is available for Windows Phone but it will also be released for Windows 8/RT and universal HTML5 option clients. This service offers a feature to set to Xbox Music or Sporty Premium that provides users with an access to offline playback, high quality downloads and unlimited skips when your device is in radio mode. With this feature, you can also view the lyrics scrolling with the music on the selected tracks.

Nokia says that if you will download tracks on the paid version of this service you will get high quality which is six times higher. You can also set rules to download tracks when working in Wi-Fi zone.

Using a web application to play songs, you can play them on your PC or MAC or smart TV that are not included in the list of smartphones.

Jyrki Rosenberg, VP Entertainment at Nokia, said, that Nokia is really good at discovering new music and there are many users that want even more of it. He said that, by introducing the features like infinite skips and unlimited downloads they have already stepped forward for unlimited music discovery.

This feature has been introduced by the company especially for the people who are a big fan of music and care a lot about its quality and choice.

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