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HTC One Beats Others in Race To Be Best In Show, At MWC

HTC One took the reward of being the Best Phone of 2013 and the Best Tablet award went to the recently announced Sony Xperia Tablet Z, also the People’s Choice award was cracked by Firefox OS. The firm level of competition between these manufacturers made it really difficult to make judgment but finally the results were announced making HTC One the best Phone of the year.

HTC OneThe level of competition shows that we have already entered strong technical era where manufacturers are coming out with many innovative ideas. The manufacturers have shown high degree of creativity by bringing out phones with HD screens, waterproof bodies, 4G and 5G connectivity etc.

Android supportive HTC One is referred as refreshing smartphone that is combining innovation with the consumer needs. Although, the efforts made by other manufacturers like LG, Sony and Huawei are really impressive but still the stunning design, clever camera and cutting edge technology of HTC One has been impressive enough in bringing it success.

Coming to the Best Tablet, there was a close fight between Sony and Samsung but the light weight designing, NFC, and screen quality of Xperia Tablet Z won it the Best Tablet prize.

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The Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 was a really strong contender with its S Pen technology and screen size but Xperia Tablet Z beats it with its impressive reality display. Coming to the People’s Choice award, Mozilla’s open source Firefox OS was successful enough to attract the fans.

Currently, two manufacturers, Alcatel and ZTE, are bringing this Firefox platform in their devices while two more companies have announced to use it in their handsets soon. There is a rumor that Sony is also interested in using Firefox platform in its gadgets and is expected to launch it in its devices soon.

HTC One though beats other devices i.e. Sony’s Tablet, Galaxy Note 8.0 in the award show but all these run on Jelly Bean OS providing better performance.

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