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  • Asda Reveal Nintendo Wii U Gaming Console Now With Just £149

Asda Reveal Nintendo Wii U Gaming Console Now With Just £149

Now UK supermarket Asda has reduced the price tag of the popular gaming console that Wii U for the second time of this year. If we take a look on the present cost price then we grab it £149.

This time the gorgeous and really high end gaming console is falling with the £50 amount and that’s really good news for the gadget lovers. If we go in past then we are able to see the same super masker was set the price £199 of this same console and presently it falling down in its price list.

Apart from it now CVG also supported the premium pack of this masterpiece is condensed from £249 to £199 and this is not the first time when the UK retailers apply this type of strategy.

On this president of the Nintendo named Satoru Iwata said “We are not able to solidly communicate the products value and it’s a big challenge for us that the consumers are praised these type of plans”.

By doing this with Nintendo Wii U the company is hoping  to captured 125% sales of this impressive game console and it’s able to make money back via its software sales. So think are looking too much impressive for the Japanese gaming firm.

If we talk about the future plan then we garb the company is plane to sold pout 390,000 Wii U from this year Christmas but its too far now we all just looking forward to see the firm is able to achieve its target.

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