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Unity Intended Free Mobile Game Tools For Android And iOS

Now Unity technologies have included the ability to develop free gaming tools for Android and iOS devices. This is the popular engine that has been free to emerging developers since from 2009.

To launch the video games and on the Android handsets as well iOS users just require to purchase a pack for the software. But as per getting the fresh update from now you are able to get it without paying any cost on it.

As well it will be enable developers to start sold their titles and on either program and they just start earning the revenue from it. For accessing the freshly released gaming tools the creators just require to up grade their copies of the Unit and also it located on the Android and iOS build option.

On this you just no need to pay any type of royalties or the license fees and this is simply an extension of free service which the firm launched in the 2009.

Now CEO of the Unity Technologies says “Individual developers as well as the start up studios may able to download Unity and then have fun with the mobile game development tools”.

Other side you grab a Pro Version too but that’s not free and through the help of this the Unity is earned more money. Now the company also make plane to launch the same type of gaming tools doe the Blackberry 10 and Window Phone 8 smartphones.

But still we don’t have any actual information when we get the chance to experience this tech on Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10 crafts, that means you have to wait for the for more time period. Beside it Unity makes the promises to their fans that also they will be getting the chance to experience the new tools without paying any cost on it.

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