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Samsung Galaxy S4 – A High End True Smartphone

To be at par with the existing competition in the market of smartphone Samsung electronics has recently launched its new high end smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 which is successor model of Samsung galaxy S3. It is incorporated with android Operating system and high speed processor as well as other amazing smart features viz. s-voice natural language commands and dictation, smart stay, smart scroll, smart pause, air gestures, air view etc. which have created wow impact on the consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Processor & OS

The most eye catching feature in this device are its processor with fastest Operating system. The processor of a smartphone has a great role to play because its responsible for faster execution or processing of data. This amazing gadget is having superior quad-core 1.9 GHz Krait 300 processor with chipset of Qualcomm APQ8064T snapdragon 600 thus makes it more reliable and faster in execution. Moreover its 5” screen size and bright display equipped with super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen results in finest touch response.

Samsung galaxy S4 equipped with android 4.2.2 jelly bean which offer advanced software support in CHAT ON app, DUAL SHOT mode of camera, adapt sound and adapt display etc.

The chat ON app is pre-installed in this gadget lets the user to send text and share images just like whatsapp. Dual Shot mode let you capture two photo using front and rear camera at one time thus giving picture in picture image. Adapt sound and adapt display functions automatically adjust the optimal quality for screen and sound.

True Smart Features

To give a cutting edge competition to other smartphone brands Samsung electronics have added smart feature like smart stay, smart scroll, smart pause, air gestures, and air view etc.

Smart pause & Smart Scroll

This device catches the movement of your eye to control what to scroll and what to pause which is the main highlight. The “Smart scroll” feature is used to scroll over a page while looking at the screen with little tilt of the phone. “Smart Pause” let the video be paused if the user is not at screen. In short it lets its user to stay smart and the phone is acting itself smart.

Air Gesture & Air View

Yes Samsung have made it possible that with just a wave of your hand across the screen you can control the function of your phone. Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with a motion sensor which follow the movement of your hand and accordingly control the operation of your phone. You can air jump basically means scrolling of the web page or email etc, air browse by waving your hand left or right, air move to move the icons from one location to another and last but not the least Air call accept by waving your hand first to left side and then to right hand side to answer the call.

In nut shell, we can say that if someone wants to have a truly superior and high end business smart phone with ultimate smart features one can go for Samsung galaxy S4.

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