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Report Claim: Apple iPhone 5S 64-bit A7 Chipset For Marketing

The Apple is just disclosed the iPhone 5S and the fresh report is here that disclosed the newly crafted smartphone support 64-bit A7 chip and that’s here for marketing not for performance.

We already familiar this time the company allots you chance to work with A7 chipset and unquestionably it work much faster as compare to the previous year crafted A6 version chip.

As well it doesn’t mean that 64-bit status of the A7 is a marketing tool and it not loaded with genuine performance. Here you grab the major reason for adopting it architectures merely aren’t present in the recently revealed giants.

The previous year released Apple iPhone 5 is just a supercool handset from all aspects and the same thing we are able to see in the recently explored iPhone 5S. Still we have no confirmed words to say new masterpiece will come up with 4-8GB RAM.

If you think about the 64-bit and 32-bit then you are able to say it’s a great blend of that’s have the meaning the A7 chip is perform really incredibly way. On the other side the report shows this is simply you take as a marketing fluff only.

This is not going to be the Key of SoC’s higher performance; it may com from architectural improvements. So, we all just look forward to see the forthcoming updates that help us to knp0w more about it.

Via ExtremeTech

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