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Sonim L Rover S1 Amazing Phone with Extraordinary Features – Sonim L Rover S1 Deals

Sonnim L Rover S1

Sonnim L Rover S1

Sonim L Rover S1 is the toughest mobile with extraordinary capabilities and excellent features. The Sonim L Rover S1 has the key features of built in FM radio with RDS, camera with 2 megapixels resolution and auto flash, Torch light to show the way in dark and user friendly GPS navigation system which facilitates travelers to find the right direction.

Truly Land Rover

  • This handset is the first of its kind and truly deserves to be called “Land Rover” symbolizing the same robust and dynamic features of the well renowned name in vehicles. The mobile has the capacity to withstand high pressure.
  • Strength of the device can be ascertained from the fact that it can survive even when a heavy car is run over it. The design can work well in extremes of temperatures and it can work even at high temperatures of 55 degrees. Mobile has also been tested to survive in the cold temperatures at 20 degrees below freezing point of water.
  • Sonim L Rover S1 may be the most reliable communication device to stay in touch with people even in the most extreme environments. The device can be the most suitable gadget for sports and adventure enthusiasts. With the dynamic shock proof design and IP57 rating which guarantees that the design is fully water resistant, this handset has been engineered to outshine even in harsh conditions.
  • The mobile has been designed to work well in different environments of work and lifestyle. Whether the users take the Sonim L Rover S1 with them while Skiing, mountain biking, sailing or scuba diving, it will simply work just as fine.
  • Wonderful phone can be fully submerged under water at the depth of three meters for as long as 30 minutes. his gives the assurance that the gadget will not be ruined on exposure to rain, dust, dirt and even snow.
  • The design has undergone tough test which proved that it can withstand temperatures between minus 20 degrees and plus 60 degrees. The device was even dropped from a height of 2 meters on concrete floors and it still survived the thrust.

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