Android N Preview: Everything you need to know

Android has been bringing out important changes like redesigning adding functionality to the operating system of the device. It will make the device easy to use and user can make access of all the latest features and application. Android (lollipop) had made changes to the skin, and looks of the app which really attract the user to use the device. Marshmallow, then come up with more refinement.
Now, Google has come up with the maker of Android N with best changes expected. Android N has been already introducing, Google come up with the preview version of Android N on 9th March. On 13th April the version got updated as well.

Release date
Google has announced in advance about the final version of Android N will be ready in summer. At the same the final version of consumer will be available later in October. No dates have been decided yet.

What will the name of Android 7.0?
As we all know that Goggle named Android version after sweet treats like kit Kat, lollipop and Marshmallow. Now the point is that what will the name of Android 7.0? may oy may not be nutella.

Android Beta version
The best and the important change in Android N version is that, it can be easily available.
Google has come up with the Android Beta program. It means that the user has to simply enrol its device and will get the updation delivered via the air.
Before, the user is invited to update the device manually. Now the difference is that the Android N is easily accessible. The new updation can be loaded on device without losing any data. No doubt, regular updation is expected to come up. The only thing you need to have is supported handset.


Android N preview
Android N previews let us know how will it look when it transfer to user. Beta version is so compatible that making changes will be easy. The user can provide information regarding the preview version and if acceptable Google will make out the changes.
One important thing is Google always keep few features to be revealed on the date of final release. So, let’s wait and see what could be that amazing and attractive change could be.

Android N quick settings: flexible
Setting and notification panel stay hand in hand. You can simply open notification panel by swiping down your screen. Now you can see that quick settings have a small bar. It does not have labels.
The quick setting panel is same like marshmallow. It makes the screen bright accompanied with nine icons.
Some new options are available in system UI Tuner but they are hidden. Android N has no drop down option like Wifi or Bluetooth, the best thing is that with a tap the user will able to see neat overlay menu. Neat and clear animation on the top settings will show you many features.
Data saver Android n has come up with the best feature that is Data saver. The important part is that it let restricting background data on app when mobile data is on. Main aim is to save the data plan on. It will also save the battery of the device.

Android N notification: simplier
User simply able to see the notification information. It simply bubbles up and shows the source and content of information. User can simply view the information by touching the bubble. N has even proved that like notification is important part of other operating system. Android has even left it. They even made it a strong part. We will try to bring as much we will get from the sources regarding Android N.

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