Apple iPhone X Review

As a cell phone iPhone has already created a global market with a huge number of customers across the globe. This specific brand is known for their excellent innovative technology and the other astounding features incorporated in their cell phones. The iPhone X has launched very recently and has a host of new and improved features and enhanced functionalities. In this new model the makers have laid their focus entirely on the outlook and they have stretched the screen size to the last point. This new model is much more advanced and responds to many body gesture for example blinking and voice command and every a mere touch. The new model has a 5.8 inch retina display and has become the new craze in the market. This cell phone has got all the features and options that one can ever ask for in a cell phone and much more.


The display

This new model has a 5.8 inch retina display which produces mind-boggling picture quality.

OLED for this model

In this model the customers are getting the OLED screen that is much more advanced than the normal screen and has got a much more sharper and clear and lucid image quality.

The camera

The iPhone series is always famous for its stunning camera performance which can always match the quality of any professional camera. And in model the makers have incorporated a 12 megapixel TrueDepth camera.

Tough design

This new model is made with the best quality durable glass and stainless steel which the company has verified to be of surgical grade.

Face recognition

With the help of the TrueDepth the facial recognition works like a wonder in this new model. There are approximately thirty thousand dots to recognize a face.

Advanced chip

The most advanced chips are installed in this new model which makes this the most sought cell phone in the market.

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