10 solar powered USB chargers and accessories that will take on your camping trip

If you are the one frequently taking camping trips or the one who likes to spend his days and nights out in the field then you must have found difficulty in keeping the devices you carry with you always charged. Here, we not only mean smartphones but almost everything you have with you which depends on USB power.

Your device’s battery will never remain charged up but sooner or later it will dry up, so you will need to charge them again or require a backup charge. Well, now you have a chance to brag to your friends on how you remained charged up in the wilderness with no signal. Or else, you can also do the smart things and invest in solar powered equipment.

These gadgets come in various shapes and sizes and harness sun rays to facilitate charging. In addition, to the charging these are able to power your USB devices anytime, anywhere as long there is sunlight available to soak in.

As per reports, some of these devices will also allow you to cook a meal while charging or come with extra features such as built-in flashlights, FM radio, AA/AAA battery chargers and other stuff.

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